Spider Veins Treatment

Spider Veins 

Spider Veins 
Spider veins are an unsightly issue for many men and women, and they often appear as fine lines of dilated blood vessels in the ankles, feet, legs, or face. In these circumstances, professional treatment is the best option to minimize the appearance of spider veins and remedy this unsightly problem for good!

Learn About Spider Veins:
  • Spider veins are commonly found in the feet, face, ankles, and legs, and they can be caused by skin conditions like rosacea and sun exposure. Other causes of spider veins can include pregnancy, oral contraceptives, heredity, exercise habits, weight gain, and restrictive clothing.
  • Women that are of childbearing age or even older are most prone to suffering from spider veins, yet men and women of any age can be affected by this embarrassing issue.
  • To minimize the appearance of spider veins, it is best to maintain an average weight through regular exercise, use low impact workouts, wear support hose if you often spend time on your feet, and vigilantly apply sunscreen to your face and body to protect your skin.
How It Works:
  • Spider veins can be treated with laser therapy that uses heat to target and fade the veins. This is the best course of treatment for unsightly spider veins that are visible on the body or face, which will help to minimize the obvious redness and soothe the appearance of the skin. 
  • This laser treatment works with minimal discomfort to the client, and it will help to fade the red and obvious appearance of spider veins that is often unsightly and embarrassing. 
  • Spider veins will be treated with the MeDioStar Xt Pro- V laser through a series of 3 to 6 treatments to fade the veins with heat laser energy. 
What to Expect:
  • 3 to 6 treatments is necessary for spider vein treatment, which will allow the unsightly veins to fade naturally over time so that they are minimized and less visible.
  • Clients can expect to begin to see results over several treatments, although it is necessary to have the entire series of laser treatments to see the greatest outcome.
  • It is recommended for the spider vein treatments to be done in a series since the skin can only take a certain amount of laser energy within one treatment session. Having a series of spider vein removal laser treatments will lessen the potential of damage to the skin and allow the client to safely and significantly fade unsightly spider veins.
  • Spider vein laser treatment cannot be done on sunburned or irritated skin, skin that has had a cellulite treatment within the past 4 weeks, or skin that has had electrical depilation or waxing within the last 4 to 6 weeks.
 If you are sick of struggling with red and unsightly spider veins, laser treatment is the best option available to you that will work through a series to significantly minimize and transform any areas of your skin that suffer from spider veins!

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