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30-Minute-Micro- $60.00 30 min.
No time for a full treatment?
Come in for a mini-micro!
Mini Facial - $50.00 30 Min.
Proper skin care is hard to come by when living a fast paced life. This facial allows you to benefit from proper skin exfoliation and hydration within the time frame of your busy life. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, serum application, and moisturizer.

Chemical Peel Types:

*All clients must first have a consultation with an esthetician before any peel can be done to determine the proper peel for your skin.
AHA - $75.00
Salicylic - $75.00
Jessners - $100.00
Lactic - $75.00
TCA - $100.00
Obagi Blue Peel - $125.00
Call for more information.


*All clients must first have a consultation with Dr. Kodali before any of the following services can be done.
Botox - $14.00 a unit
Juvederm - $550.00 a syringe
Laser Hair and Vein Removal – call for pricing
Photo Rejuvenation - $129.00 per treatment
Microdermabrasion Facial- $99.00 1hr

If you have fine lines this is the facial for you! This mechanical exfoliation uses a combination of crystals and suction to lift and remove dead skin cells leaving you with immediately smoother, fresher skin. It is great for any and all skin types, able to combine with any facial to produce your desired results. It aids in lifting pigmentation, stimulating peel can be done to determine the proper peel for your skin. Collagen for the reduction of fine lines and allows for greater penetration of serums into the skin. Also, is great for skin congested with comedones/ black heads.

Photo-age Facial- $75.00 1hr. 

Exposure to sun is the number one cause of pre-mature aging. In this facial we will reverse some of the visible signs of aging, using a combination of proper exfoliation and lightening and brightening treatments and serums.

Rosacea Facial- $75.00 1hr.

Whether you have mild Rosacea or Acne Rosacea this heatless facial will soothe and hydrate red, irritated skin, using anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory products and ingredients.

Acne Relief Facial- $75.00 1hr. 

Relief from acne is possible; our trained estheticians can help you to improve your condition. Through analysis, proper skin treatment for your type of acne will be found. This clinical facial will aid in clearing the initial symptoms of acne or reducing the inflammation and occurrence of aggravated acne.
Anti-Stress Facial- $70.00 1hr. 

This amazing facial will allow you to pamper yourself while giving your skin the treatment it deserves. Begins with a gentle cleanse then light exfoliation, followed by a relaxing face and shoulder massage. Finish with a hydrating facial mask to smooth and nourish skin. Also includes aromatherapy and foot massage for extra relaxation.

Deep Pore Facial- $70.00 1hr. 

Great facial for skin this is prone to clogging. In this facial your skin will be properly exfoliated using enzymes and steamed to open pores for optimal pore expression. Following this we finish with a mask to draw out any impurities left in the skin.

Antioxidant Facial- $75.00 1hr.

Every day skin is bombarded by environmental elements. Simply breathing exposes skin to the aging effects of free radicals. This facial infuses stressed skin with powerful antioxidants proven to fight free radical damage.
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